Frank Magnano owner and founder of Advanced Precision Industries​ has been in the manufacturing business for 40 years, working and surrounding himself with the best state of the art equipment through out the years.

In 1991 Frank started with a 1300 square foot shop in Riverside, California. He has expanded into 8000 square feet in Temecula, California and surrounded himself with some of the best technology money can buy. From a 6 axis multi tasking machines, to robotic assisted production runs.

Frank knows what it takes to compete with today's market and with his overseas competitors. Keeping up with today's technology, is the only way to compete. His expertise is not only in production runs, but also the capability to do Research & Development.


In 2002 Advanced Precision Industries achieved the supplier of the year award from Industrial Tectonics Bearings, a Roller Bearing Corporation of America.